"Simple gardening and outdoor activities that transform the health and well being of all by inspiring each of us to spend more time outside."
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The perfect gift for families is now available as a set!

"This is a lifetime habit your children will thank you for starting - today!"
- Martha Sears, RN and co-author of The Baby Book

Featured in Working Mother, Redbook, and Parenting magazines and named a 'Best New Parenting Book' by Scholastic Parent and Child, 15 Minutes Outside: 365 Ways to Get Out of the House and Connect with Your Kids features simple, low to no-cost activities for every day of the year.

"This book has taught me so much more than just ’stuff to do outside’; it has me shutting off the TV, connecting with my children, and seeing what they’re really excited about!”
- Jennifer, Missouri

Rebecca Plants Curiosity Cards are the perfect companion tool to 15 Minutes Outside. Designed to spark conversation between adult and child, they are perfect for family gatherings, road trips, and meaningful moments every day. Each card contains an interesting question, such as "what could we build with what is around us right now?" A portable set of 50 durable laminated circular cards, three-inch in diameter, fastened with a stylish clip.

"My son received Curiosity Cards as a gift a few weeks ago. The format makes them easy to carry anywhere. The simple yet insightful nature of the questions make it something that my son and his friends love to respond to and play with. Whether stuck in traffic, waiting in line, or just playing in the park, we take our Curiosity Cards everywhere we go."
- Aidan's mom - Washington, D.C.

Gift Set: 15 Minutes Outside + Curiosity Cards $29.95
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"Thank you Grandma Jo, the flash cards had lots of good stuff. I read them all to my parents and I am going to read them all to my friends. My parents and I did some of the stuff and we are going to do some more"
Rebecca's Curiosity Cards
Our curiosity cards are designed to spark conversation and learning between adult & child.
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$14.95 per Set


50 Outdoor Activities Guide for Busy Families

Quick and simple activities to do with your children anytime of the year.

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Outdoor Classrooms Guide

How to start an outdoor learning space at school – a step-by-step guide for parents, teachers and community volunteers.

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