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Bonding with Nature: How Nature Brought One Family Closer Together
Austin, TX

In November, Greg and Michelle and their almost three-year-old daughter welcomed some new additions to their family: twin boys! Living in Austin, Texas, where the planting season starts as early as October, Greg and Michelle were looking for ways to spend time with their daughter that were not connected to the pending arrival of, and then home invasion by, her new brothers. "Getting outside was the perfect answer," said Michelle. "We had some landscaping that we were in the process of doing before the boys were born, and we knew our daughter would love to help. She has always loved to help us outside." Michelle was excited to get out and get her hands dirty again since she had refrained from gardening when she was pregnant. Although their daughter could not pick up the big cactus that they were planting, "she was involved in every other aspect of the activity," said Greg, "We had a blast. She went with us to pick out the plants, helped us pick out where we'd place them, and dug holes with a shovel just her size. Watering was the most fun. We would also take breaks to sit in the bed and pretend we were on a train hauling dirt in to help us. Quite simply, I would not trade the time I spent with her in the yard for anything, and I look forward to sharing outside experiences with my sons when they are able." Now that they are almost finished with the big bed out front, Greg and Michelle's daughter is already asking what and where they'll plant next. "On my daily walks with the twins, I've been noticing that I love the red yucca plants," said Michelle. "And Allison can't wait to plant them with us."

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